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If you want to pull hamstrings then spend a lot of time focused on training the hamstring muscles in isolation. Do hamstring curls at least twice a week and try to fit in another day if possible. Be sure to go as heavy as you can and really emphasize the eccentric phase by slowing down the lowering action. If you do not have one, go out and buy a $400 ham/glute machine and add that into the program. That really gets a burn once you master the technique. When you are out on the field as part of warm-up, be sure to throw in a couple of sets of the secret “Russian” hamstring curls, you really get a burn on that one. Oh yea, I almost forgot be sure to at least ten minutes of static stretch on the hamstrings before you do anything, because everybody knows that stretching prevents hamstring pulls. Another key aspect of the hamstring pull program, is to do as much running on a high speed treadmill as possible, that will reinforce over striding which in combination with everything else will get those hamstrings pulled. I know with this program you will have close to 100% success rate pulling hamstrings, jut look at Major League Baseball and the NFL – it works.To purchase this program go to wwwihurtbad.biz/hamstrings. If you dont pull money back garanteed. If you believe this then you probably think the world is flat and by the way I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

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