Ultra Dynamic Mobility Training?


Buzz words are good for gorilla marketing ads trying to sell new flavors of nachos but they need to be removed from our industry. What if your heart surgeon was dropping buzz words and was into looking at cool scalpels from a conference and  new cutting "exercises" from a DVD with no idea of how to perform an opperation in regards to anatomy and physiology? Mobility training is nothing new but I am concerned with some coaches not reflecting to our rich history of sports training.  When talking about range of motion training I am hearing a list of exercises with no reasons for use or progressions or placement specifications. When observing training programs from time to time I see no movement in warm-ups to get temperature and enzymes to increase. Muscle activation is out of control and good people are spending too much time rolling on biofoam instead of getting the tissues ready with heat and coordination. Warm-ups still need your body to get warm and lying on the ground or doing actions that don't promote heat are incomplete and don't see the big picture. I am not saying that all of the DVDs on moblity and warm-up are not good (I have many that are great resources) but people can't tell space monkeys from Fight Club and look for Tyler Durden to show them the way to project mayhem instead of thinking for themselves. Instead of waiting for people to listing exercises to do think about your needs of warming up the body. I read two great articles by Mike Boyle and Eric Cressey about some limitations with yoga but many of the asanas (that are orthopedically safe) can be done in cyclical motions briskly to premote heat, activation, and range of motion. PNF patterns? I can take Tai Chi or Aikido motions and insert anatomical and biomechanical purposes and they can then be integrated into training if placed into training properly.  

I suggest the following classic progression:


General->Sport->Session->Athlete Needs


This means a warm-up should prepare athletes for the general needs before getting into the specifics.  For example I was coached by a very good olympic lifter and did a general warm-up to get loose and hot, a specific warm-up to get ready for the lifts (activation, joint range of motion). and a personal adjustment to my low back from the 5 hour drive to Montreal. The workout was great and I felt better than just doing some light cleans.

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