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Did USATF bring up the Weyand study at this particular seminar? I would imagine that this topic makes them feel uncomfortable…since they have been a proponent of faster turnover, A and B skips, dorsi-flexion, etc. Xavier Carter proved this falsehood in the NCAA finals. "Everyone" was turning over faster than he was, but for some reason he kept pulling away from everyone? Hmmm I bet USATF didn't show those video clips?


Thanks for your post in advance West58 as your impressions of USATF could be similar to people that are not familar with the educational organization and I hope you will see that perhaps your impression is inaccurate or outdated. I can say with true honesty that I don't think USATF is trying to hide the truth of the Peter Weyand study like the Orangutan leaders from the Planet of the Apes (when they were trying to rewrite the History of Earth with Charleton Heston). In fact, the Biomechanics instructor for the level II school Mike Young has purposely uploaded the article for people to learn that speed has a lot to do with force production off the ground. Many of Peter's studies are in the article section so I don't think the truth is being hidden with the research from Dr. Weyand. 

Ironically you choose to share with us the inside truth with Xavier Carter, a former LSU athlete, about the real key to speed. During the presentation by Dan Pfaff we reviewed the 2006 USATF Nationals 100m finals in great detail and not one time did we talk about about getting athletes to increase their turnover. In fact Dan stated that drills don't change technique at high speeds as they serve has a template for spatial awareness. Dan reviewed various ways to improve 100m performance via building bigger batteries such through plyometrics and other speed and power methods and not by any specific drills.

The major differences between elite sprinters and weekend warriors (swing times) are not statistically significant (as I do nothing to increase turnover via drills unless) but they do exist. The differences are so small they prove that the real cause is GRF and not being better "drilled" or someone being blessed with "fast turnover". I happen to live 20 minutes away from the where the study took place and I am not oblivious to what Harvard is sharing with the rest of the world.The falsehoods in regards to USATF being ignorant to current research are your beliefs and nothing more.

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