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A couple weeks ago I blogged about this possibly being the greatest men's sprint year of all time. At the time, cases could be made for other years (1996, 2001, etc.). Now though I think the verdict is in…..this was the best men's sprint year of all time. Here's some updated stats from my earlier blog:

  • Asafa Powell ran under 10 seconds more than any other person has in one season (12). Carl Lewis ran under 10 seconds 15 times……….in HIS ENTIRE CAREER!!
  • 5 of the top 10 all-time performances in the 100m were achieved in 2006 including three WR performances.
  • 4 of the top 7 all-time performances in the 200m were achieved in 2006 (by three different performers no less).
  • Jeremy Wariner turned in the number 7 all-time performance and became the 3rd best all-time performer behind only Butch Reynolds, Quincy Watts, and Michael Johnson.
  • 3 of the top 10 all-time performances in the 110H were achieved in 2006 including 2 performances under the previous WR.
  • The return of the All-Around sprinter:
    • Xavier Carter becomes the 3rd best (2nd to only Michael Johnson and Mike Marsh) all-time performer over all-three sprints (based on IAAF scoring charts) and the only one to have achieved all of their best marks in a single season. 
    • On that same all-time 100-200-400 all-around list Wallace Spearmon is now ranked 7th.
    • Based off of performances this year Xavier Carter now ranks 2nd, Wariner 4th, LaShawn Merritt 7th, and Spearmon 8th on the all-time 200-400 scoring list.
    • Based off of performances this year Gay became the number 1 all-time performer over 100-200 (bumping Carl Lewis out of the top 10!!!!).
  • The number 5 performance in the 4 x 100m was achieved in 4 x 100m relay….with a team that was probably not the 'A' team.

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