Joe asked the following question: Has this Janda stuff ever been put through the scientific method??? To my knowledge it has not. In my opinion Janda has been misinterpreted. His work is being used to justify a bunch of mumbo jumbo that is far removed from anything he wrote. Several years ago I researched his work quite thoroughly. There was (may still be) a compendium of his writing that was quite extensive. I came to different conclusion than the NASM crowd. Basically what Janda does is give a context to view movement and possibly analyze the source of any dysfunction. He identified three common syndromes 1) Upper Crossed 2) Lower Crossed and 3) Pronation Distortion. The problem is that if you go looking for those syndromes you will find them. Then what? Virtually every swimmer and thrower has some upper crossed syndrome. Do we keep them from swimming? Absolutely not! That posture is partially an adaptive response to their training. It can be simply addressed by daily attention to remedial work that stretch the Pecs and also don’t forget the Lats.

The take home point for me on reviewing his writings was very simple. In certain activities there are muscles that chronically shorten due to the manner in which they are used. Sometimes you have to lengthen them and sometimes you have strengthen them. It really depends on the individual and the activity they are involved in. More stretching is not the answer. Once again stretching is part of the bigger picture of understanding the movements that cause the tightness.

Hope this helps clarify things a bit. I know I restated my bias, but we must see the forest for the trees. I would be interested in comments from other people that have studied Janda’s work.

Vern Gambetta

Vern Gambetta

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Vern Gambetta


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