IAAF World Championships Day 7- World Record


The weather took a turn for the better last night. No rain, sun, and mid60’s for the temps. It was still breezy but not as bad as previous nights.

Isinbayeva sets another WR!

Quote of the Day:
“There is the Americanteam……..and there is the baton on the track.” This quote came from the English speakingannouncer at the stadium as the exchange for the American 4 x 100 relay was replayed on the jumbotron.

Wariner dominates agains

Wave Count:
New Record Tonight. 10 times straight around. Another attempt later was halted at 5.

Former Greats:
Michael Johnson and Donovan Bailey handed out the 200 men’s medals. Jonathon Edwards handed out the triple jump medals.

As I’ve said before it’s just unreal and keeps getting better. The fans are knowledgable, they cheer for every great performance, no matter what event or country. It’s just like a large party in some park in the middle of the summer. The updates by announcers on the field events keep the meet interesting all the time.

The Meet:
Alittle slower evening with only a few finals to be contested. One of the finals was thewomen’s vault which had been moved from Wednesday night due to bad weather.

The Events:
Men’s 4x 100 Semis: You saw it, so you know. National Record for Finland though at39.30!

Felix gets the Gold

Men’s 800 Semis: Yuri, the Oly Champ, was the fastest through. Americans not sogood. If it was first one to 500 meters, we’d have it locked up.

Men’s 1500 Semis: American- not so good.

Women’s 200 Final: Arron and Campbell out hard,very hard. Felix’s blocks are more bunched, so seems like she gets less push and takes her a while to get rolling. Last 20 meters great run byFelix and even better run by Boone-Smith.

Men’s 400 Final: Wariner reallygot out and had the field beat by 200. Rock had a tremendous chargeover the last 50. I’ve got to find his 100 splits, they have to bealmost dead even.

Men’s 110h Final: Allen Johnson got OUT! Couldn’t hold on though as France finally won something and got a huge ovation because of it.

Women’s Hammer Final: The announcers kept us informed and it was a pretty exciting competition. A game of ‘top this throw’ ensued as round five saw the top four at the time, one after another, throw further then the previous thrower and first place was constantly dislodged. In the end the Russian who was last year’s Oly Champ won over Ypsi Moreno.

Quite possibly hairiest man alive!

Women’s Pole Vault Final: Imagine 35,000 people clapping in unison for you, all eyes on you. That was the pole vault at the end. No other running events were being contested. Isinbayeva attempted the record at1 centimeter over her previous. Nailed it on her second attempt and called it quits. Bubka has taught her well. She gets $100,000 for the record along with her $60,000 for the win. 5.10 to 5.20 is easily within her and might have been on those jumps, but why earn money now,that you can earn later?

Men’s Race Walk– I watched some of it on t.v.and was entranced by what could be the hariest man alive. He is fromNorway and came in fourth.


Todd Lane

Todd Lane

Assistant Track Coach at LSU
Lane joined the LSU coaching staff after spending one season at the University of Miami, where he was voted the top women's jumps and combined events assistant in the East Region by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association in 2007.