Transforming Smoot Carter: Day 7


Baton Rouge, LA- Oh how time flies! Today was Smoot’s last workout in Baton Rouge before heading back home to Virginia. He intentionally scheduled a later flight so that he’d be able to get in one last workout. If he had known what I had in store for him today he probably would have reconsidered. This is what I had Smoot do today:

  1. Short Warmup A
  2. Static Flex: A
  3. Dynamic Flex: Cole
  4. Sprint Development: Bill (2 x 40m)
  5. 4 x 50m buildups
  6. Intensive Tempo: 6 x 200m @ 80% w/ 3 minutes rest
  7. General Strength: Extended (2 x 30s on/off)
  8. Bodybuilding: F (3 x 10)
  9. General strength: Mia (10x)
  10. Static Stretch: B

Smoot with Mike & Will of HPC

The workout was easy enough leading up to the intensive tempo workout. On paper the running workout doesn’t seem too hard but the effort I expect and the manner in which I had Smoot run the workout makes it quite difficult. For all but one of the six 200m runs I had Smoot run the first 50m as hard as he could. This gave me the opportunity to work a little more time on his acceleration skills. Following the intensive tempo, Smoot did my General Strength series named Extended. Much like General Strength Ringo that Smoot did on Thursday, the Extended series develops static and quasi-static core strength-endurance. Following two times through the Extended Series, Smoot went through my F Bodybuilding series. This is probably the most exhausting of all my bodybuilding series and I think Smoot was glad to be finished. I’ll usually here a lot of complaints on a Saturday workout but Smoot didn’t complain a bit and put forth a great effort. Smoot concluded the workout with some foot exercises (General Strength Mia) and some light stretching.

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Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike Young


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Mike Young
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