Transforming Smoot Carter: Day 5


Baton Rouge, LA- Today was another smoker….perhaps hotter than the day before. If there was any doubt about how hot it was, the fact that my t-shirt was drenched with sweat mid-way through the warmup was proof enough…and I wasn’t even working out. The plan for today was much like that of Tuesday. I wanted to emphasize work capacity development as well as setup a restorative endocrine response.

Sprint Development

This is what I had Smoot do today:

  1. Long Warmup
  2. Static Stretch: B
  3. Sprint Development: Hatori (2 x 40m)
  4. Hurdle Mobility: Static (2 x 8)
  5. General Strength: Vincent 2 x (10 each leg)
  6. General Strength: Ringo (30s on/off)
  7. Body Building Circuits: D, B, C, A (10x)
  8. Cooldown: 400m choice (skip/jog/walk)
  9. Static Stretch: Partner

In this type of heat, the Long Warmup isn’t necessary to get an athlete warm. In fact, one could probably be sufficiently ready to go on a day like today just by walking from one’s car to the track. I still like to use the Long Warmup though both as a precautionary measure and because I think the amount and type of work that it entails fits perfectly on a day like today where building work capacity and loosening up from the previous day are among the objectives. The meat of today’s workout was the 2 general strength series that I had Smoot do. Vincent is a series of lunge exercises. One time through Vincent typically lights up the legs and two times through (which is what I had Smoot do) sets them on fire.

By the time he got to the Ringo series, the combination of the heat and the countless lunges had taken a toll on Smoot. Ringo is one of the tougher general strength series in my training inventory. I use it to develop static core strength but when performed in a fatigued state it becomes a workout for the whole body. Half way through Ringo, I noticed Smoot was having some difficulty with some of the exercises so I decided it would be best to scrap the bodybuilding series which

General Strength: Ringo

I had planned and just have him go straight to cooldown. Overall it was a good workout and Smoot toughed it out really well. I think Smoot was slightly disappointed that I cut short his workout but I thought it would be better to err on the conservative side so he could hit tomorrow’s workout hard.

Later that evening after Smoot had gotten some rest and food, I did some soft tissue work on his lumbar area, right patella tendon, and achilles / calcaneal / foot arch area. He had quite a bit of scar tissue build up surrounding the knee joint as well as in his foot. I spent quite a bit of time working on his right foot as it appears that a metatarsal break earlier in the year has resulted in a complete loss of mobility in the metatarsals. The session proved to be very fruitful but only time will tell how Smoot responds to the therapy.

Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young