Transforming Smoot Carter: Day 3


Baton Rouge, LA- After two grueling sessions yesterday, Smoot came back today for his restoration day. Most of the time, athlete’s have a hard time believing what they do on restoration days could actually be considered restoration. This is because these days tend to be a little more difficult in the traditional sense of the word. That is, these are the days when the work gets tough and athlete’s really need to push themselves. While it might seem to be paradoxical to call such a day restorative, the volume of work and the relatively low intensity (speaking of intensity in terms of maximum) make these days considerably easier on the CNS. Here’s what I had Smoot do today:

  1. Long Warmup
  2. Static Stretch: A
  3. Sprint Development: Hatori (2 x 40m)
  4. Hurdle Mobility: Static (2 x 8)
  5. General Strength:
    1. Yolanda Scramble 2 x (30s on/off)
    2. Pillar (10x)
  6. Body Building Circuits: D, B, C, A (10x)
  7. Static Stretch: PNF

The long warmup takes 20-22 minutes and is intended to not only warm up the athlete but also develop general work capacity. Yolanda scramble is a series of calisthenic type exercises followed by a short sprint. I had Smoot do 30s worth of each exercise in the Yolanda general strength series after which he immediately sprinted 10m and then had the balance of a 30s rest interval to walk back and get ready to do the next exercise. Even the most fit athletes find this to be a pretty hard workout and Smoot was no different. He made it through the first time through fine but had to gut it for the second time through (the 120 degree heat index probably didn’t help). He was tough though and finished strong. He followed this up with the Pillar general strength series and then went through 4 of my weight lifting circuits. Overall, it was a very tough workout but Smoot handled it as well as could be expected.

Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young