Author Matt Gardner


As a track and field coach Matt has produced school record holders and state champions in the sprints, hurdles, jumps and middle distance events. He has coached athletes from a wide variety of sports including Professional Football, World Cup bobsleigh, Swimming, Track and Field, Olympic Weightlifting, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf. Matt has extensive experience consulting and collaborating with high level sports medicine professionals to help rehabilitate injured athletes and optimize the performances of healthy ones.

Guest Blog
Bleed Runs

In my previous blog a few people asked about bleed runs; what they are and how I’ve used them. Bleed runs are a very dense and intense form of intensive…

Guest Blog
Lateral Plyos Part 1

Look around and you’ll find lots of linear plyos, but lateral plyos get little love. Most commonly people do heiden variations for lateral plyo work. However, just as people can…

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