A Doping Primer


Anyone who knows me or has regularly read this blog or followed me on social media knows that I am vehemently anti-drug. So, it may seem strange to have a post on a primer for drug use and how to beat the system but I think this will give you context for looking at the issue. This is what I have seen up close and personal in my 48 years of coaching how athletes and coaches beat the system.

Read the following books (Be sure to read between the lines), they will give you deep insights in how to beat the system:

Wheelmen – Lance Armstrong, The Tour De France, And the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’ Connell

The Secret Race – Inside the Hidden World Of The Tour De France by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle

Watch this movie to learn how to lie to the cameras and your accusers (Listen carefully to what is not said):

The Armstrong Lie (https://youtu.be/0a4qRHY8dQQ)

Practical Tips:

Your national governing body for sure and preferably the international governing body should be complicit. They can protect you.

Have big time sponsor with deep pockets. It is even better if the sponsor is in bed with the national governing body and those in the international federation

Have a doctor and sport scientist that can help you with prescriptions and testing to beat the system – This is essential

Have remote training “altitude” training camps that allow for time to stall the testers or to evade them completely

Have no moral conscience or scruples of any kind, don’t forget it is just about winning, medals and above all money, big money