6 Amazing Ways To Sleep Better Through the Night by Ella Lauren


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Good night sleep is like a magic potion for your body. You can unwind yourself and have much better health with good quality sleep. As per National Sleep Foundation 2018 sleep poll America, 90% population believes that good sleep helps them stay active and energetic through the day while only 10% of them prioritize their sleep over other things such as work, social life, and personal interests. Good sleep is crucial to have good health in both ways: psychologically and physically.

Usually, people have some bad habits or uneven schedules which causes sleep problems. If you can fix the factors affecting your sleep quality, you can get improve the sleep quality.

Therefore, this piece of writing has some practical tips to help you get better sleep through the night.

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Get Disciplined
Discipline is not limited to the walls of your Alma-Matter it is crucial throughout your life. In this context, discipline can be termed as the right way of living. If you exercise a certain time-clock for your daily activities, you can improve your sleep. People who sleep and rise at the same time every day without fail experiences better sleep; because they have trained their body to act that way. For instance, you need to practice workout regularly to achieve an attractive body, similarly to get good sleep through the night you need to train your body regularly.

Control your Eating Habits
Everything you eat and drink affects your sleep. A healthy eating habit can help you get better and faster sleep. Include high protein and carbohydrate food in your dinner to help your body produce more and more melatonin in your body. Also, avoid caffeine or smoke from at least an hour before your bedtime. You can include fish, nuts, cottage cheese, honey, chickpeas and salads in your dinner for better sleep.

Focus on your Bedroom Environment
Never underestimate the power of a nice cozy ambiance. Your brain gets influence with the environment and sends signals to body accordingly. Your bedroom can improve your sleep quality considerably. Keep the temperature cool and lights dimmer for better sleep. If you like to listen music while sleeping, choose white sounds like ocean sound or birds music for peaceful sense. Also, you can add an aroma infuser in your bedroom to boost your senses and get a deep relaxing feeling. Your bedroom is your rest place hence make sure you use your bed only for sleep and sex; so that your brain associates the signal of sleep with the bed. Also, you can limit your gadget use in the bedroom to avoid blue light distraction during sleep.

Include Exercise in your Routine
Regular exercising improves your sleep quality. It’s good practice to get involved in the physical exercise routinely. Also, it helps the body to digest the food properly and strengthen the body muscles which lead to relaxed sleep during the night. People going to gym every day tends to get better sleep at night. However, extensive workouts before a few hours from sleep might affect badly on sleep hence avoid it near to bedtime.

Keep your Head Free from Worries
Stress is the most common problem that causes insomnia or sleep apnea. Some people face such problems often while another face once or twice in a month. Heading to bed with unresolved thoughts or jots can keep you awake for long which will harm your sleep quality. Try to keep your brain free from worries as it can worsen your health. If you are suffering from stress problem, you can have a stress management session to clear up your head and unwind yourself while sleeping. Mostly, doing pre-bed meditation can help you sleep better and faster.

Get a comfy Mattress
Mostly, mattress is also a reason that disturbs your sleep. You spent one third of your time sleeping which makes mattress most used item than others. Mattresses get uncomfortable with and their life span is of five – eight years. So if your mattress is too old, you should get a new mattress to sleep better. A nice comfy mattress can help you get much better sleep. It is good to check the mattress buying guide to make the right choice. You can find genuine reviews and ratings on websites like Voonky.


Sleep is extremely sensitive and, get affected even by the slightest change in your routine. So, make sure you are practicing your discipline correctly to get good body, mind, and sleep. The tips you read here are based on sleep studies and are approve by National Sleep Foundation hence you can positively expect improvement in your sleep. Moreover, sleep problem can sometimes be an indication of major health issues. Therefore, if your sleep is still troubling, you should see the doctor.
Hope you found these tips helpful. Stay healthy and sleep well.


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