40 Thoughts in 40 Years


A little while ago I crossed over the forty year mark. As time has passed I have come across some interesting advice. Enclosed below is a collection of 40 thoughts. What is the best advice or thoughts you ever have received? Leave it in the comments below. Please hit share or retweet.

40 things in 40 years

40. A conservative haircut lasts a long time. Seriously, when you look back you want to look good in your memories? It’s a problem I no longer have to worry about.

39. 20% will love you, 60% don’t care, and 20% want to see you get your come up ins. I believe in nurturing that human resource that actually loves you and waste little time on your haters.

38. Be thankful to the people in your life that cause you so much grief. They often are your best motivators.

37. Lazy money don’t make money.

36. Make money while you sleep.

35. Just go over and ask her out. The worst thing she can say is no.

34. If you ask out twenty only one has to say yes. Dating is a matter of volume.

33. If you don’t mind it don’t matter.

32. Always pay a nickel more for first class.

31. Always offer to be the sober driver. You get home safe and so do your friends.

30. Never be afraid to embrace your friends, kiss them on the cheek, and tell them you love them.

29. The stopwatch and tape measure don’t lie.

28. Lead with your heart but cover your six with logic.

27. Honesty drives the bus of loyalty

26. If someone tells you “were just friends” they mean it.

25. If someone tells you their lazy. They mean it.

24. If someone tells you they love you, they probably do, but it might not be the way you love.

23. It is manly to cry.

22. Limit your swearing around young people. They will respect you for it.

21. Even the worst behaved kid desires structure.

20. Before you ask God for something, thank God for something.

19. Its ok to say sorry even if you are not wrong.

18. A sorry with a “but” isn’t really a sorry.

17. Not everyone is going to like you especially if you are about to do something important.

16. You are not a bad person when you pray and bizarre thoughts rise. That is when the devil try’s his hardest.

15. Wealth is not money. It’s relationships.

14. Desperation is the mother of invention.

13. During tragedy people often don’t need your words they need your presence.

12. I will not treat you all equally because we are not equal but I will treat you all fairly.

11. As life continues don’t shuffle. Take big steps.

10. Culture is something that you care about and nurture eternally. It’s never on autopilot.

9. It doesn’t matter what the scale says it’s how you fit in your clothes.

8. To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

7. God has blessed you with gifts. You return the favor by using those gifts to help the world.

6. If you are angry, write out your words. Rip up that paper, then take a breath. Follow that by killing them with kindness.

5. Memories are best seen with your own eyes and not behind a camera.

4. It’s not the recipe it’s the cook.

3. People spell love T.I.M.E.

2. Doing things for others lasts a lot longer than doing something for yourself.

1. Love relentlessly.

Ryan Banta

Ryan Banta

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