15 Ways to Sleep Well After a Late Night Workout


[This is a guest post by Trish Boudreaux. Trish, which is her pen name, is a New Orleans native who works in the insurance industry. She is married and enjoys reviewing and testing out new mattresses in a quest for the best night’s sleep.  She is honest and upfront without being pushy or sales driven. read more.]

After a late night workout, you honestly deserve to sleep well. However, some people particularly lifters often encounter problems related to lack of sleep after a late exercise. The problem is common among many people who face restless nights after heavy lifts late at night.

If you also experience this particular problem of failing to sleep after a late strenuous exercise, you are not alone. The good news is that there are different ways that you can you can use to get sound sleep after such activity. As such, this guide gives you some tips that you can use to get peaceful sleep after late night lift.

The body should have a low temperature, low heart rate and cal nervous system to be able to sleep. All these elements are crucial since they contribute to peaceful rest.

Monitor Your Fluid And Food Consumption Habits
Your eating and drinking habits before and after late night lifts are significant since they contribute to your sleeping habits. Some studies show that small meals before bed are beneficial since they play a significant role in promoting muscle protein synthesis. The small meal portions should also be protein rich.

When you have a habit of lifting late at night, you should also try to eat heavy meals during the day and switch the trend at night. The problem is that heavy meals after a late workout can disrupt your sleep.  You must also try to have a cutoff time of taking fluids together with food before bedtime. Give yourself a gap of about one hour between last consumption of fluids as well as food and sleep.

Regulate Body Temperature Through Shower
After a heavy late-night lift, your body temperature increases and this can affect your sleep pattern. Lowering your body temperature through a moderately cool shower is vital. A steamy shower can raise the body temperature and hinder your sleep. On the other hand, a cold shower can stimulate alertness.

Therefore, try to balance the water temperature so that it does not cause adverse effects on your sleep. A lukewarm shower is perfect for your body after heavy late night work. The bath should be relaxing and refreshing at the same time such that you can get sound sleep afterwards.

Maintain Cool Room Temperature
A cooler room promotes quality sleep through slowing the rate of heartbeat. Your body also relaxes since it quickly gets the feeling of drowsiness that can drive you into a deep sleep. A cold temperature in your room helps to regulate your body temperature such that you can get instant sleep.

Get Regular Magnesium Supplements
Magnesium supplements promote a restful sleep while at the same time helping the body to regain strength. Many athletes lack magnesium, a vital component that has links to higher testosterone levels. Testosterone is an essential hormone that regulates the normal functions of different organs of the body.

The other advantage of magnesium is that it reduces stress and helps muscles to relax thereby promoting peaceful rest. It also helps to calm the body since the rate of the nervous system will be high after late night lifts. Magnesium supplements play a pivotal role in controlling the nervous system and other organs of the body. When your body is in a stable condition during sleep time, it can rest peacefully.

Turn of Light And Other Appliances
Light generally disrupts sleep patterns since it affects the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep patterns. The body follows a sequence of sleep-wake patterns determined by light and darkness. When the light is on, the mind remains awake since it gets a signal that it is not yet sleeping time when the release of Melatonin is suppressed.

Try Meditation Before You Sleep
Meditation is an excellent remedy for quality sleep after late night workout. You need to reflect on something different to allow your mind to relax especially after a massive exercise. The goal of meditation is to slow racing thoughts while at the same time allowing the body to recover. When the mind relaxes, you can suddenly fall asleep and can rest for an extended period.

Exercise During The Day
Exercising during the day is right for your body since it uses the energy available. If not possible, you can try to exercise at least three hours before going to bed. By the time you go to bed, the body uses the time to recover, and this helps you get sound sleep. The body gets sufficient time to recover from the adrenaline that can keep it awake.

Reserve Your Bed For Sleep
After a hard workout, you should reserve your bed for sleep only and avoid other activities that can keep you awake. You should also make it a policy to reserve your bed for activities like sex then drift to sleep afterwards. The use of gadgets like a mobile phone is not advisable since it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
You need to drink reasonable amounts of fluids before engaging in late night lifts. During exercise, there are high chances that your body loses a lot of fluids through sweating. Sufficient fluids in the body help to compensate for this loss. However, you also need to avoid drinking lots of fluids just before bedtime since this can force you to visit the bathroom several times. In the process, your sleep pattern may be affected.

Make Your Bed Comfortable
Since human beings spend a lot of time sleeping, the bed should always be comfortable. After a late night workout, the body needs to rest peacefully, and it can only do this if the bed is warm enough.  You can also try to get the best mattress that can give you a peaceful rest.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
You must always avoid drinking beverages with alcohol and caffeine after a late night workout. These two components are stimulants, and they keep your mind alert when it should be resting. It is good to take coffee during the day so that the body uses it during workout time. By the time you go to bed, your body will be in a position to rest.

 Avoid Overeating Before Bedtime
It is vital to avoid heavy meals after a late workout since this can disrupt your sleep. A heavy meal before bed can also disrupt the digestive system, and this affects your rest. The grumbling stomach also gives you sleepless nights hence the reason to avoid heavy meals after heavy exercise.

Get Medical Checkup
Sleeping disorders after late night workout can also be a result of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. It is a good idea to consult a doctor if you are suspicious of your sleeping habits. Professional advice is vital since it can help you to change your sleeping habits.

Avoid Sleeping Tablets
Sleeping tablets can cause long-term effects on your health. Visit our website and you should try to stick to natural remedies that can give you quality sleep since these have no side effects. Instead of resorting to these sleeping enhancing medicines, you should try to maintain a nap and wake schedule.


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