World Speed Summit 4 and Sprinter’s Compendium Updates!


Hey guys!!! Massive NEWS! World Speed Summit is back and jammed with the Sprinter’s Compendium coaching favorites like Dan Pfaff, Mike Hurst, Håkan Andersson, Tony Veney, and Brooks Johnson. The greatest aspect of WSS is it’s totally free!

In Sprinter’s Compendium news!!! The book has been getting great feedback. You can click on my book’s Amazon back here

Due to the size of the book, the cost of shipping can be steep. So we decided to release the kindle of the version on Amazon a bit early to help those get the book outside the United States. If I had, to be honest, I would sign up for both the WSS4 and purchase the Sprinter’s Compendium. Both make for a master’s class in Speed/Sprint training. A great thing to have when passing the time before indoor track!

I am also offering up consult sessions via Skype. If you would like to book a session please contact me at my website The sessions are typically half an hour and cost 25.00 dollars.


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