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Motor learning science has gained traction in recent years but still lags behind the ‘harder’ sciences (like biomechanics and physiology) and even behind training theory on your average coaches list of ‘things to understand.’ That’s unfortunate because what we say and how we say it can be just as important when attempting to improve skill in an athlete’s movement as our biomechanical understanding of that movement. Although I’ve largely spoken about biomechanics, training theory and physiology I’ve also been heavily influenced by motor learning educators and peers.  I was lucky enough to have had Dr. Richard Magill on my doctoral committee (he literally wrote the book on Motor Learning and has an unparalleled academic family tree that includes names like Dr. Cheryl Coker, Dr. Tim Lee and my former officemates Dr. Jared Porter and Dr. Will Wu) and have been exposed to coaches like Boo Schexnayder and Dan Pfaff who have relied on Magill’s research extensively. That’s why about 2 years ago I began weaving motor learning and control concepts in to my talks on Sprint Training. See below for an example: