Thought for the Week – Progression


Know and understand progression. The key to a sound training program is progression. Proper progression prevents poor performance and goes a long a long way toward preventing injury. Don’t confuse protocols with progression; protocols imply a set time frame for completion of tasks, in essence ticking the boxes. Progression demands mastery of each step before moving to the next step. In no way is it linear and entirely predictable. There is huge individual variability in how athlete’s progress at different stages of their career and how they adapt to varied training stimuli.

  • Pdub

    Hi vern, not sure how else to get in touch with you. Can you tell me where you found the image on this page? The reason I ask is I’m using it for a logo and trying to find the original source. Thanks!

    • Hi Pdub. Vern doesn’t typically add the images…one of the editors for ET does. I’m guessing it was found on a fairuse image site. I’m not sure if it would be available for commercial usage.

      • Pdub

        OK thank you!