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Years ago I was offered an opportunity to write here at by Carl Valle and Mike Young. Even though Mike and I met just one time briefly at a USATF Level II school he trusted me enough to give me a shot to share my ideas. After a couple years of writing, I was lucky enough to visit the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista during the summer of the London Games. While I was there a number of people I spoke with had discussed what I had written here at From there I felt an intense need to write the Sprinter’s Compendium. Over forty coaches from around the world have contributed. Many who have athletes bringing home a major medal back to their respective countries. This book has taken me five years to finish but has been a bucket list item as far back as I can remember.

Reviews for the book can be found here-

The Sprinters Compendium Book Review by Mike Hurst

The Sprinters Compendium

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