Sprinter’s Compendium Update


A number of you have contacted me asking for updates on the Sprinter’s Compendium. I happy to report the book has been moving along nicely and now is over 330 pages! My goal is to get the book up to 500 pages this summer. After a number of conversations with Christopher Glaeser from FreeLap he helped to persuaded me to set a hard deadline for this summer. I have set the release date for the Sprinter’s Compendium for this coming fall. The book will be print only. I hope this will cut down on piracy. The book will feature a number of coaches and athletes from a variety of different areas of sports performance.

People who have contributed to my book include but are not limited to:

Jeremy Fischer, Gary Winckler, Vern Gambetta, Mike Hurst, Craig Pickering, Roberto Bonomi, Brooks Johnson, Bret Contreas, Margot Wells, Mladen Jovanovic, Tony Veney, Mark Ward, Nick Buckvar, Jim Cary, Mike Cunningham, Håkan Andersson, Derrick Peterson, Michael Tumi, Kebba Tolbert, Tamsyn Lewis Manou, Natalia Verkhoshanskaya ,  Christian Taylor, Cody Vandermyn, Sean Burris, Pierre-Jean Vazel, Caryl Smith Gilbert, Vince Bingham, Seth Boomsma, Dan Pfaff, Andreas Behm, Petteri Jouste, Curtis Taylor, Jimson Lee, and Eric Broadhunt.

Here are the Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1 Warm ups
  • Chapter 2 Mechanics, Poster, and Sprinting Technique
  • Chapter 3 The Start and Acceleration
  • Chapter 4 Maximum Velocity
  • Chapter 5 Speed Endurance/Tempo
  • Chapter 6 Plyometrics
  • Chapter 7 Cool Down
  • Chapter 8 Strength Training
  • Chapter 9 Periodization
  • Chapter 10 Injury Prevention, Prehab, and Rehab
  • Chapter 11 Sports Psychology
  • Chapter 12 Coaching Mentorship
  • Chapter 13 Training Plans
  • Chapter 14 Management
  • Chapter 15 Gadgets