One Trick Pony


Are you preparing your athletes to be a one trick pony? What’s a one trick pony? A one trick pony is an athlete who is highly specialized in a narrow range of skill sets and conditioning. They are highly adapted to one way of doing things, very fixed in mindset and highly adapted. They are focused on what they cannot do. The alternative is a versatile athlete that is highly adaptable, has a range of physical abilities and capacities that are finely tuned to match up with the technical proficiencies required in their sport. They are focused on what they can do and optimize those abilities. The multifactor prepared athlete is “bullet proof” when it comes to injuries because they have embraced injury prevention as a transparent part of the training program. They thrive in the competitive arena because they are prepared for the game not for artificial performance factors developed in a sterile training environment. To me it seems like a no-brainer. Go for the versatility – embrace it and step up to the podium!