Guru or Coach – Who do want to learn from?


To grow it is imperative to find mentors not gurus to learn from and grow professionally, this should help to make the distinction.

Guru – All about them

Coach – All about the athlete

Guru – Style

Coach – Substance

Guru – Full of information often unconnected

Coach – Bursting with knowledge that applies

Guru – Has the secrets

Coach – Open & willing to share

Guru – Quick with putdowns

Coach – Quick to praise and uplift

Guru – Dispenses and the Kool-Aid & expects all to drink

Coach – Water

Guru – No questions & has all the answers

Coach – Driven by questions

Guru – Big bold claims

Coach – Lets actions speak

Guru – In the spotlight on the FrontPage or ESPN

Coach – On the back page in small print or in the footnotes

Guru – Quick to follow the $$$$$

Coach – Driven by principles

Guru – Complexifier

Coach – Simplifier

Guru – Exclusive

Coach – Inclusive

Guru – Conditional

Coach – Unconditional