Go Analog and Start Coaching Now


Try this for one week. When you go out to coach leave your cell phone and iPad in the office. Put the Go Pro away. Turn off the GPS. Watch the athlete, see how they more, how they accumulate those numbers you ponder over. Don’t measure bar speed instead, watch the lift. Oh, and by the way don’t forget that all training is velocity based. Put the wellness questionnaire in the drawer and greet your athletes and ask them how they feel, look them in the eye, watch their body language – you will learn more than a questionnaire. Forget triphasic workouts and go back to basics – all movement requires an isometric, concentric and eccentric muscle action.

Heighten and sharpen your observation skills. Listen for rhythm and tempo. Watch from as many perspectives as you can. Talk to the athlete. You will be surprised at what you have been missing. Use technology to complement your coaching skills, not to supplant them. Know yourself, practice self-reflection and never forget that we coach people, not robots.