Functional Path Training Principles


These are the principles that I use to guide me on journey on the Functional Path:

# 1 Have a current accurate road map – Start with a plan, execute it, and evaluate it constantly

# 2 Think big picture – Build and Rebuild the complete athlete

# 3 FUNDAMENTAL movement skills must be mastered before specific sport skills can be acquired and advanced training undertaken

# 4 Learn to use the ground – Build & rebuild the athlete from the ground up

# 5 Train the core as the center of the action

# 6 Train sport appropriate – You are what you train to be

# 7 Build a work capacity base appropriate for YOUR sport

# 8 Train Linkage – Connect toenails to fingernails

# 9 Think Long-Term – Training is cumulative

# 10 The individual athlete is the focus – Recognize, train and rehab the individual