Discount Pricing for My Speed / Power Workshop


First off, apologies for not having posted in a while. It’s been a very busy last couple months. I did want to take time though to share a deal for the recently released videos from my UK workshop: An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development. Over Summer I gave a 2 day workshop for Proformance where I laid out my overall training philosophy along with the specific means and methods I have used to develop speed and power for athletes in a wide variety of sports. This workshop provides by far the most comprehensive information on my training philosophies to date.  The entirety of the workshop was videoed, edited and is now being released for streaming. That’s 10 videos and over 10 hours jam packed with information. Check out the teaser video below and please share. For a limited time (until 11/15/2015) you can use discount code Elitetrack50 for $50 dollars off the regular pricing.


Dr. Mike Young – An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development from Proformance Network on Vimeo.