Combine Craziness


The NFL combine just concluded and as usual we saw displays of incredible athleticism. While there were likely no cases of “world class” speed despite what many commentators would lead you to believe, there were certainly more than enough examples of just how freakish the top physical performers going in to the NFL are.  Rather than add to the already over-abundant commentary on how ______ athlete ran so fast weighing _____ lbs or how ________ bench pressed 225 lb so many times or throwing out ridiculous humble brags on twitter like:

“I’m so blessed 2 be velocity enhancement coach 4 Dre Jones who 1 scout hand timed at 4.13 seconds at 384 lbs at the #NFLcombine. #WorldClass”

Instead, I figured I’d throw out some useful resources on the NFL’s equivalent of a track and field competition.