Coaching Lessons from In and Out Burger


In and Out burger has come to be the quintessential California burger place. For years I thought it was all hype, just another fast food MacDonald’s wannabe and then a few years ago a friend took me there for a burger. I was hooked, now every time I go to California I have to stop and get an In and Out burger. Their burgers are really good! The purpose of this post is not to promote In and Out burger rather it is draw some coaching lessons from what I observed on my visit this past weekend.

As I was waiting for my burger here are some thoughts that I had:

Simplicity Triumphs – Their menu is small. They are in the business of serving the customer and making real good burgers. They know what they know and they do it very well.

Bigger is not better.

Just like a good coach they put the emphasis on the customer (the athlete). Their service is efficient, prompt and they all serve with a smile. Because the menu is small and the demand high they must know their jobs and be highly time efficient. No excuses, high quality product coupled with high quality service.