I know I May be a Fool……


Over the last month the track and field was rocked by recent drug tests by some of the top stars in our sport. I know I may be a fool but I still believe that speed/power athletes can still break world records, win world championships, and Olympic medals without HGH, Steroids, and EPO. I believe this because of the amazing things young people have been able to accomplish around me without drugs. I believe one of our biggest problems are diva coaches. Diva coaches are frustrated athletes who still want their time in the spotlight and will do anything to stay relevant even pushing their athletes to take drugs. I find this disgusting and probably the biggest issue standing in the way of a clean sport. In addition what I have found more worrisome is the immense disparity of knowledge amongst coaches at our highest level. Some coaches are absolutely amazing and everything as advertised. This especially true of those who have contributed to the Sprinters Compendium. On the other hand I have met some coaches (usually those who act as if their training is a Cold War Secret) who lack some basic understanding of training.

Recently I had the pleasure of working at the Mizzou track and field camp. I was so humbled to see the level of interests, intensity, talent, and passion these young people had for our sport. At that moment it became abundantly clear how important good coaching is needed at all levels. My dream is one day we will look back at this summer as the time we decided to make a real difference in our sport.

I know I may be a fool but I believe the work of Neil’s Kinetic Manual and my Sprinters Compendium could be two small steps in that direction. Many of you can help too. Get educated, ask good questions, protect your athletes from nefarious characters, and most importantly become the best coach you can be no matter what level you train. Then maybe one day when my baby grows up they can dream of becoming an Olympic star doing things the right way.