Sprinters Compendium Update


Now that summer is here and in full swing I wanted to update all of you on my Book the Sprinters Compendium. At this moment I have written a little nearly about 100 pages in content (The book will be over 300). I enclosed the chapter layout and really excited about how the book is shaping up. In addition a number of top flight coaches and athlete have agreed to be part of this project in my Interview with the pros section. Coaches who have agreed to help include Dan Pfaff, Kareem Streete-Thompson, Jimson Lee, Derrick L. Peterson, Kebba Tolbert, Randy Huntington, Pierre-Jean Vazel, Andreas Behm, Marc Mangiacotti, Mike Cunningham, Derek Evely, and hopefully more to come!

Chapter 1 Warm Ups

Chapter 2 Mechanics, Poster, and Sprinting Technique

Chapter 3 The Start and Acceleration

Chapter 4 Maximum Velocity

Chapter 5 Speed Endurance

Chapter 6 Plyometrics

Chapter 7 Cool Down

Chapter 8 Strength Training

Chapter 9 Periodization

Chapter 10 Injury Prevention and Rehab

Chapter 11 Sport Psychology

Chapter 12 Different Roads to Rome (Different Methods)

Chapter 13 Elite Interviews

Chapter 14 Training Plans