Pietro Mennea RIP


When I first got interested in track and field I was amazed as I went through the record books to see Pietro Mennea at the top of the 200 list! Obviously, his record has been smashed but it took 17 years for someone to break his world record. The time Pietro spent at the top shows you how amazing he was during his peak. Maybe even more impressive was his ability to run internationally for as long as he did. His staying power is a tribute to his work over time. After his career he went on to become a politician and an out spoken critic of doping. As an Italian American sprinter I always have marveled at Mennea accomplishments. He is certainly gone to soon but will not be forgotten. He said he never cut corners and I believe him. If you are interested in his career or even his specific workouts take a look here http://www.pietromenneastore.com/dettaglinews.asp?idnews=15 Its in Italian but it is worth the read.