Doing Work


If you continue to coach and work hard you will eventually get rewarded by getting some attention for your efforts. Last year I was interviewed by a web based news outlet City360tv. It is always nice to get praise for what we do on a daily basis. On the other hand the more attention you get the more people will feel comfortable to be critical of you, your kids, or your program. As bloggers I am sure Carl, Mike, Vern, and I have all had people troll us on the internet from time to time. Understanding this reality I believe the most important thing you can do for kids is to be focused on their improvement through daily hard work. One of the coolest parts of this video for me is seeing kids doing work in live action. Last year’s training group was not as large as this year’s crew but they did accomplish a great deal! We had a number of school records that following track and field season. After all that hard work these kids were rewarded by getting the opportunity to continue doing track and field in college.