Wooden Round Four is Up and Running!


The project continues to be a success. A great number of very experienced coaches have shared some wonderful thoughts, experience, and training. Round Four is all about skill acquistion. If you would like to join contact me at {encode=teammissourigsw@gmail.com}. The deal is every two weeks we have a round and to get the other coaches information you must at least fill out five of the ten questions for that round. Just so you know what these questions look like here is what the coaches are being asked in round four:

1. When changing an athlete’s technique many athletes expose themselves to an increased chance of injury. How do you manage the transition to improved skill acquisition while limiting injury?

2. How do you get an athlete to buy into technical improvement and/or keep them passionate about process of skill acquisition even if it’s delayed gratification?

3. How have you balanced an athlete’s training for technical events at the same time not having them constantly skipping tougher workouts?

4. How do you handle taking a successful but technically flawed athlete to the next level even if it means taking some steps backwards before moving forward? For example: jumping shorter or running slower when you know long term the athlete will be better. How do you know when it’s time to mess with a good thing?

5. What do you believe is the hardest skill to acquire that is teachable? How do you attack it in your training?

6. How do you teach your athletes track meet like conditions in practice? A la race modeling….. What does that look like in your practice?

7. What are the skills you focus on the most in practice and why?

8. Do you have a list of skills, drills, or circuits you feel have helped your development as a coach and would you please share examples?

9. What technical flaw do you most commonly see in your event group and how do you attack it as a coach?

10. Give us your best skill teaching trick.