Wooden Round Two Results


Wooden Round Two was another success. Considering the nature of the questions many answers were miniture research papers. After going through the responses a number of things became clear on the topic of planning. First the coaches who are the most successful do have detailed planning at the same time not afriad to adjust, flex, or tweak programs if needed. Another interesting theme discovered from the responses is how many coaches still use Matveyev style of periodization scheme. In the recent past people have poo pooed Matveyev but many coaches still find value in its principles to maximize performance over the course of a track and field season. A number of coaches also use a combination system starting with Matveyev and then moving to Tschiene model when the athlete reaches a certain level of fitness. I personally believe in the combination of these two models because we have had success since making it a template for most events. Lastly, I found it very interesting in the speed/power events high school coaches were willing to do larger training loads in practice then college coaches as a general rule. The third round was sent last night and deals with strength training. Again if you are interested please contact me. At teammissourigsw@gmail.com