Power Clean and its Many Variations


The power clean is such an effective lift for a variety of sports and events. However, often the power clean can become stale if done too long in the same way. I have decided to include a number of variations of the power clean in hopes to add to your coaching tool kit as a coach. The athlete should master first simple lifts then move to the more neurological demanding complex lifts.

Clean- Lift straight from the ground and catch the bar high.

Squat Clean- Lift the bar and catch it in a squat.

Split clean- Lift the bar from the ground and split the legs forward and backward.

Hanging Clean- the bar hangs from a loose high position starting just below the hips.

Diagonal Power clean- Hips are pointed away from the bar and weight is lifted as normal.

Jumping Power clean- Athlete pulls bar from the floor and leaps with bar in catch position on to a short box.

Power clean Snatch complex. Athlete completes a power clean then resets the bar to the floor and executes a snatch.

Hell Raiser- High Pull, High Pull, Power Clean, Jerk, behind the neck squat and press.

Single Leg Power Clean- Power clean done on one leg.

Power Clean, Jerk, Jump Lunge, Jump Lunge complex.

Kettle Bell Power Clean- Power clean with Kettle Bell.

Dumb Bell Power Clean-Power clean with Dumb Bell.

Power Clean like clockwork- Power clean a rotate at the same time in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion.