Wooden Research Project Round One a success!


Coaches the first round of the Wooden Research Project went great. Lots of information exchanged and the passion is amazing from so many coaches working across the country. The next round will be sent in a week or so. If you still want to be a part of the project you still can and we take coaches from all levels/years of experience! The first round was about coaching your first week of the season and the many factors unique to that early part of your season. The second round is going to deal with planning short term and long term.Two things came out of our first round I found very interesting. First I was surprised how many coaches did not find captains to be useful or needed. I found their reasons for this opinion to be eye opening and something to consider for my coaching in the future. Second I found how many coaches find the team element to be so important to coaching and how almost all coaches believe track is not an individual sport. I know many of us here look at elite track and say its all about the individual but I would argue if you look at John Smith, Dan Pfaff, Bobby Kersee, etc you would see lots of athletes pushing one another and training together. Trust me even something as simple as going to the gym to lift weights with a friend is better then lifting alone.Again if you would like to be a part of this project please join us. I will be posting regular updates like today with a few quick notes as we move along.