Answers to Random Questions


One of the interns at my sport performance training and research center, Athletic Lab started his internship the week I left NC to take over as the fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps. While the mentorship continued in my absence, we weren’t able to have the daily professional dialogue that goes on all the time at Athletic Lab between staff and interns. When I was back in NC last month, he submitted a mountain of questions to me that we weren’t able to go over in person so I put together a quick video to go over his questions. Since many of the questions are related to speed development, strength training, and Olympic weightlifting I figured they might be of interest to others. Here’s the unedited video of the answers I put together. I did this on the fly and haven’t rewatched myself, so don’t expect a big production or perfect presentation. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share.

Random Questions