Breaking News: Lightening Bolt Strikes Again


Just a flash report to start the discussion….Bolt has won ANOTHER Olympic Games 100m becoming just the 3rd person to repeat in this most-challenging of events.

  • Time: 9.63 seconds
  • Steps: 41
  • Race splits forthcoming…

Just anecdotally, I’d say his Beijing performance was more dominating both in relation to the field and in terms of the quantitative performance. Nonetheless you can’t take anything away from the 2nd fastest performance in history. Some thoughts for discussion….

  • Is Usain as good as Beijing?
  • Who had the best top end speed?
  • Who had the best speed endurance?
  • Is Usain now a lock for the 200m?
  • Can the US beat Jamaica in the 4x100m?
  • Who had the best top end speed?
  • Was Asafa’s pullup legit?