Keep Swinging!


Today watching the Diamond League event in New York it was hard to ignore Tyson Gay and his comeback from a year off of racing. 10 flat into a headwind on international television is amazing. Tyson’s performance is even more impressive considering two hip surgeries and the management of the athletes while in their blocks. I could not help myself from standing up and fist pumping as he roared down the track. I like Bolt, Powell, but I really enjoy Tyson. I enjoy Tyson for his lack of sprinter “swag” and more importantly is his perseverance. I cannot express from the deepest part of my soul how much life is going to get in your way, humble you, make you doubt yourself, and leave you vulnerable feeling alone as you face your mortality. Someone very close to me has just discovered something life altering and faces a similar perdicament. A long time ago my mother taught me the importance of living a relentless life in the way she took care of my grandmother. Decades ago my grandmother was on her dying bed but, my mother refused to let her go. With my mother’s tenacity she was able to give my grandmother another 15 years of life. Recently, she did the same thing for my father helping him fight diabetes and a kidney failure over the last year. My mother’s help and her godchild Becca’s unimaginable gift of her kidney to my dad has him recovering with a pirma-grin. By no means is he out of the woods yet but life is much better for my dear old dad. Today’s race for Tyson Gay is not the end of his journey it’s a brand new beginning with a lot of bumps to still be discovered. I know Tyson can make it happen in London just as I know my special someone will overcome the tough obstacles ahead. If you live a relentless life nothing can or will stop your happiness. Keep swinging, keep fighting, and let nothing get in the way of your love, life, and passion. Persevere…