Four Years No Hamstring Pulls


This may be hard to believe but in my last four years we have not had a hamstring pull. Now we have had some great things happen over the past four years in our sprint program. Most recently we finished our season with a 2nd place finish in the 4×100 relay at the Class 4 (Largest Schools) State Championships. I am sharing this bit of information to give you clarity on the fact we have kids pushing the limits increasing their chance for injury. The question that must be answered is how do you perform at a high level and not get hurt? For example, when it comes to hamstrings one size fits all flexibility program cannot and will not do. I know we have beaten the horse to death on weather a dynamic, static, or passive flexibility routine is the best to protect and/or preform for our athletes. The TRUTH is we do them all. We rotate different routines for different days. Our routines change depending on the time of the season. They change in complexity and duration. Our general warm ups change and so do the running drills. Again I am fully aware some believe running/mach drills don’t make people faster. I can tell you they do with developmental athletes. More importantly these drills I believe keep your athletes healthy. The drills allow you to train them more without getting hurt. I know improved foot contact placement along with healthy supple hamstrings is a combination for success. If you would like a better understanding of how to put this together on a day to day basis please don’t hesitate to ask.