Back in the Saddle


Lately I’ve been a stranger on my own website and I apologize for that. Thanks to 80+ hour work weeks at my training center in Cary, NC – Athletic Lab, (and then adding an NCSU assistant coach position on top of that) and a speaking schedule that took me away on 16 consecutive weekends I hadn’t been able to spend any time on ELITETRACK. More recently, I’ve made a big transition to be the fitness coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS and even though my work load has lessened substantially since moving 8 weeks ago to Vancouver, the transition took a little while to settle in to.

But now that things are starting to settle, and thanks to some inspiration from a recent meetup with super blogger Jimson Lee (see pic) of I should be back as a regular contributor to ELITETRACK. In recent months I’ve kept up with the great posts from Carl Valle, Vern Gambetta and all of our guest bloggers; and followed the incredible forum topic discussions (especially this one on my presentation at the USTFCCCA meeting) holding back my hands from the keyboard to not dive in because I knew I didn’t have time to make a meaningful contribution. But now that things are settling in, I’m excited to get back in the mix and let the readers of ELITETRACK in on what I’m doing with Whitecaps and also how I’m managing my track club (HPC Elite) from 2,500 miles away. Right now, I’m not coaching any track and field athletes on-site, and I hope to use ELITETRACK to both keep me connected to the track and field community while I work in the sport of soccer and also continue to learn and help other coaches.