Give Back as a Coach


During the time I was in high school my father met a young power lifter named Jeff Lewis. Jeff’s personality was as big as his massive frame. Jeff and I lifted at the same gym for a number of years while I was in college. My friends still marvel at the weight he was pushing. Over time Jeff became a house hold name as King Louie the strongest natural power lifter in the world. He spent a lot of his time talking to kids about doing the right thing and steering them away from steroids. He used to joke about his powered by Pizza system and it quickly became a slogan (he used to work at a local pizza carry out). After a number of top flight performances his squatting career was cut short by a horrible injury due to bad spotters in major competition. Most athletes would have let such terrible luck derail their life by becoming bitter and angry. King Louie is not known for that type of personality. Instead he decided to give back to his community by helping open a power lifting/speed development facility. He works with people of all ages from the very young to elderly teaching them the joy of pulling heavy weight naturally. Jeff can no longer squat but still enjoys having a great pizza, teaching, and benching the weight of small cars. Good luck Jeff in your new life as a coach!!! For more info on Jeff’s group go to or