Dynamic Warm Ups


I believe it is very important to have a number of different warm ups. The advantage of the different warm ups are numerous. A variety of different warm ups can benefit a group by quelling boredom, provided a sport specific warm up, working on an athletes weakness, dealing with environmental conditions, etc. I have included a dynamic warm up we use at my high school and with our summer track team. I have included two different leg swing routines we use at different points in the year. The video is a bit long here are times to help you divided it up: 46 seconds starts the dynamic general warm up, 3:25 starts the standing leg swings, 4:41 starts seated leg swings 1, and 6:53 starts seated leg swings 2. I will include an example of our running drills in the next blog. Again this warm up is performed by a athletes of different ability levels.