Merry Christmas 2


Ballistic strengthEnclosed above is a video I did for a presentation at the Missouri track, cross country, coaches association (MTCCCA) The two athletes featured in this video come from very different back grounds. Carly Youlton is one of the athletes featured in this video. Carly was training with me as a post college track and field athlete coming back from a long time off of training after injury (multiple fractures) before she started training with me. That season she accomplished a major goal by qualifying for Canadian National Championships after a long time off. The other athlete is Lee Ward during his senior year before playing football at Stanford University. Lee holds the national record for linebacker/fullback prospects in the bench press which he set at the Army All American Combined as a junior in high school. Interestingly Lee was only offered a few scholarships due to the opinion he was maxed out physically. Well he proved everyone wrong and even after a torn ligament in his knee this summer he has worked his way on to the field and earned a scholarship in the process as a red shirt freshman. If you are looking for Lee he is a regular contributor in the full house backfield for the #4 nationally ranked Stanford.This video is a sample of strength routines that we would do in the third year of multi-year macro cycle. Watch and enjoy.