Selected training clips from Athletic Lab (9.23.11)


The same photographer that shot the last video was in again. Since she does really good work I figured I’d post the video she put together despite the video being of a training session that was almost exactly the same as the last one I posted (for training on 9.16.11). This video was shot on September 23, 2011. It was the last really hard training day of the training cycle (Friday week 3, with the following day being an Intensive tempo day and the following week being a rest / test week). As I’ve been doing for the past couple months, I didn’t up the intensity or volume (and in some cases, I’ve reduced) over the last couple days preceding the rest / test week. I’ve found that there’s more benefit to pounding harder and actually putting guys on the fringe of overtraining towards the middle of week 3 of a cycle produces better benefits the following week if I make a very slight reduction in volume for 1-3 additional days prior to the unloading week.

test vid2: hoina from sunny lee on Vimeo.

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