Selected training clips from Athletic Lab (8.24.11)


It’s been a little while but here’s another installment in the video blog series of how some of my elite athletes are training on the track and at my sport performance training center, Athletic Lab in NC. Just like the others in this continuing series this short video is uncensored and unedited so feel free to critique or ask questions and I’ll try to follow up with why we’re doing what we’re doing and what I’m working on with each athlete. A handful of these athletes are out of shape and technically raw. 3 of them have only been with me in this video for about a week. This session took place on August 24th, 2011. While there’s a good mix of sprinters, a hurdler, multi-eventers, and jumpers here I actually have them all doing the same basic training plan for this cycle (with a couple individual and event-specific exceptions). This was a mid-week training session on week 3 of the cycle. Most guys are pretty tired by this point but this is a speed-power day. We will have a rest and test week next week.

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