Innercity Weightlifting


Sometimes glory and money is not the intentions of great coaches. I am very impressed in the efforts of Innercity Weightlifting and felt that I should mention how much passion in helping people they have. My volunteering is nothing compared to what they do day after day, and it’s often a matter of life and death. Who knows what they will evolve to, but what I do know what they do is simply a gift to others and felt strongly I should mention them. One coach I admire is Matt Delaney, some one who helped me learn the olympic lifts so that we could be more proficient in a real environment. He has moved on to more than just olympic lifting, as he is now a great coach in performance enhancement and it’s wonderful to see what he is doing to help the youth of Boston. If you are interested in making a donation of any size I suggest visiting their website at to help.
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