Periodization Model: Verkhoshansky


In the book Supertraining a interesting Periodization Model was brought to light based off Yuri’s research on the Long Term Delayed Training Effect (LDTE). In his research it was discovered that after a long period of strength training power levels will drastically increase after a long period of restoration. Increased power levels last a very long time allowing the athlete and coach to follow the period of strength development with a training period focusing on sport specific skills. In track and field this periodization model has been used across all event groups. However, I have seen Yuri’s model best used in the field events including all the throwing events plus the high jump. The rational for why these events are best suited for Verkhoshansky Model is very simple: they don’t require the constant energy system development in training that is very important for all other track and field events. Power and elastic strength are the most important. LDTE allows for coaches to plan their training to take advantage of the unique adaptation. The image attached is a visual example of what can been seen after a long period of strength development.
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