Milk – Is It Really That Good For You?


One of my key philosophies when I set up my nutrition programme is that it is very important to have the body operating at as close to 100% health as possible. Recently, I have started to look at chemicals that we as humans were not exposed to thousands of years ago, and therefore have not evolved to cope with. In the process of looking at this, I came across some interesting information on milk:

• Milk often contains high levels of sex hormones (including estrogen) as well as synthetic hormones which may disrupt optimal endocrine function in humans

• Milk may also contain antibiotics that have been given to the cow

• High levels of IGF-1 can be found in dairy milk, which may contribute to endocrine disruption and cancer

Obviously, none of these things are positive. About a year ago, I switched to organic milk, which gets rid of some of the problems. It is also only slightly more expensive, so wont break the bank. However, recently I decided that this wasn’t a big enough change, so I switched to alternative milk sources, such as organic rice milk, coconut milk and almond milk (but not soy). I have since felt much better, and my energy levels are also much higher- probably due to the fact that I may have been lactose intolerant to some degree.
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