Periodization Done Different Ways


In future blogs I will discuss ideas of how to use different periodization schemes for different events and points in the season. By no means do I preach these to be gospel. Obviously, some of the points made below will be familiar. However, my goal is to get everyone started in a similar place.

• Periodization

– Systematic schedule that divides up an athlete’s training into different periods or themes to access a humans potential through adaptation causing improved sport performance

• Period/Theme

– Annual Plan (Macro) 1-4 years

– Mesocycle 4-6 weeks

– Microcycle 1-2 weeks

– Phase

Prep and Competitive


General, Specific, Pre-comp, Competitive, and Transition


traditional, developmental, long sprints, and endurance


short events 100, LJ, TJ, Pole Vault, 110/100HH


High Jump, Shot Put, Hammer, and Discus

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