Hello Everyone!


Hi Guys. Just a quick, first time blog post to introduce myself. My name is Craig Pickering, and I used to exist here as speadfreak1. I am a 100m runner with a personal best of 10.14 seconds, and have been to three World Championships and one Olympic Games. You can find out more about my career to date from my bio page.

I will mostly be blogging about random things that I am interested in at a specific point in time. I am very interested in nutrition, so there may well be a lot of posts regarding that, but I am also interested in a whole host of things regarding performance improvement. I am also happy to receive requests from you regarding what blogs you would like to see in the future.

Finally, with my blogs I am more interested in encouraging discussion regarding a topic, as opposed to giving black and white answers (which I don’t believe always exist). I will also dig into my personal experiences and explain what works for me. I hope you find it interesting!
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