But it’s just one day…


What’s one day of missed practice? Many think it’s no big deal but let’s look at it from a purely quantitative standpoint…one day of missed training in a 6 session training week is about a 17% reduction in total volume and frequency for the week. SEVEN. TEEN. PER. CENT. In a training week that has only 5 training sessions, one missed day of practice is a 20% reduction in frequency and likely volume. This is the same reduction in volume that many top coaches use during a taper week! For coaches who are actually trying to put together training plans where volume and intensity are closely regulated throughout the year, too many ‘just one days’ can quickly undermine the entire program. Also, consider the fact that if you’re setting up your training plans in a cyclic fashion (where the stimulus of each session within the microcycle repeats for the duration of the mesocycle) then missing one day means the athlete doesn’t see the training stimulus of that day for 2 or more weeks. At certain parts of the year this could cause huge problems because now the likelihood of soreness goes WAAAY up regardless of whether the coach backs off on intensity.
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